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Disruptive Environments. Shooting starts in the mind.
D3 classes focus on the application of fundamentals in real-world situations where familiar settings can become a confusing worst case scenario in moments.

Problem solving is more than drawing from holster and engaging, it is breaking out of tunnel vision and being aware of the environment. Seeing more than just a target, but your own foreground and background, as well as the threat. Are there opportunities in the space that will provide concealment, cover and save lives?

Each Disruptive Environments™ class is unique to the setting we teach it in and the students who attend. Incorporating vehicles, interiors, CQB and problem solving in both daylight and darkness, Disruptive Environments™ is a program for students who have a firm grasp of fundamentals and are ready for the next level of development.

Available Courses.
Carbine Vehicle Darkness. Three days, focused on working in and
around vehicles with a handgun. Carbine Vehicle Darkness.
Handgun Vehicle Darkness. Three days of carbine applications and
problem solving in and around vehicles. Handgun Vehicle Darkness.
Castle. Your home is your castle. Learn how to
defend it and your family. Castle.
Team Tactics. Learn to communicate, problem solves and
act as a group. Team Tactics.
The Special Applications Division within Haley Strategic™ exists to offer purpose built programs of instruction for exact mission requirements of military, law enforcement and security contractors. These classes can be hosted at one of our facilities in Arizona or can be delivered to your location by our mobile training team.

Email train@haleystrategic.com to discuss a custom package for your unit.